Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What I Miss About Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne. The best city in Australia!!!
As my time in America draws to close I'm starting to remember all the good things about the city and country I lived in.
I lived in Richmond, 2 train stops from the city. I loved Richmond for its coffee, restaurants and shopping. My best memories are:
1. Getting the weekend papers and a coffee and reading the papers in bed with the sun shining through the window.
2. The fish and chip shop on Burnley st that made huge chicken and salad (not chicken salad) for 5 bucks.
3. Joel Edgerton (Will in - the secret life of us and Owen Lars in -Star Wars Episode 2) shooting a movie next door to my house. It was quite random to return home to cameras and being told to "go away". I think we ruined a scene but it was a good afternoon.
4. Our local pub - the spreadeagle. Live bands, fire place and cold beer.
5. Collingwood Farmers Market - best bacon and egg sandwich I've ever had.
6. Trams and Trains - no need for a car.
7. Grill'd burgers (see pic at the top). OMG the best burgers ever!!!! Hot chips with herbed mayo, so good!!
8. Did i mention coffee. Could find a good coffee at any hour. Never went to starbucks!!!
9. Meeting friends at the pub in the city.
10. Buying fresh fruit and veg at the vic market.
I realise most of those were about food.
Oh Melbourne how I long to return!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Funky Finds Spring Fling

After a sleep in on Saturday, Scott and I drove over to Fort Worth and met Lonna ( for lunch. It was great to put a name to a face and a shame that more people from north dallas etsy didn't make it to lunch. Their loss, we had a blast.

Drove over the Funky Finds - entered a dance comp by accident, kids running around with lots of makeup and dance costumes was a little scary. After a quick exit we continued to look. Lonna and her crew were also lost, so they picked us up and we went searching.

Finally we found it and got a great park. It was a great event... but OMG it was hot inside that hall. I was in the mood to spend!!!!

This is what I bought. If you like what you see, check out their etsy stores.

Tie - This purchase was for scott.

cowboy boot print and circle print - I like simple and funky designs and for $10 the circle print was just what I needed. We got the cowboy boot as a memory of Texas.

sewing machine print - Maybe this print will motivate me to pull my sewing machine out.... hmmmm.

Flower brooch - scored this at the flea market next door for $3!!!

Button Flowers - I didn't get a business card. I felt sorry for the guy in this shop, I swear it was the hottest section of the whole hall.
Thursday, April 23, 2009

RedPlanet -Promoting Etsy Stores who are yet to have a SALE.

Ever come across stores that have fantastic handmade items who haven't had a sale? I have all the time. This blog is all about REDPLANET.

RedPlanet - sews, paints, sells funky vintage items. It's a one stop shop. Her prices are affordable and a bargain for the amount of work that goes into each item. I love that every design is an original and so creative.

So support her store!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Painting on Furniture

Been busy painting and drawing on furniture this week. This is what I've finished today. It's a chair with storage under the lid.
Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Project

Yesterday my friend was clearing her garage and offered me a lot of furniture. Which is fantastic because at home in Australia, I have hardly anything (I've lived in furnished apartments).
This is a photo of what I started yesterday. It's a filing cabinet that I'm going to store my art supplies in and hopefully turn it into a desk.
Monday, April 20, 2009

My Art at ARTSIX, Denton

Here are some photos of my art which is on display at ArtSix a Coffee House in Denton

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New items on a friday

New Items!!!!! These are brand new to my etsy shop
If you follow my blog and you like them convo me and I will give you a discount.
BIG HAPPY second 21st Bday to Jan

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Stuff and My New Art Desk aka Dining Table

Well I've have been BUSY. I spent monday painting and Tuesday sealing and today I don't know what to do.

Should I put this on etsy?

I painted 4 new pendants. I spent such a long time on them yesterday - sealing these ones was such a pain. But I got them done, they shine!!!!

I put sterling silver bails on these new pendants - I believe it makes them look a lot better. But of course it means the price needs to go up.

My other news I moved my dining table into my lounge room - why??? because I wanted a place just for my art. There isn't a window in the dining room so the table had to be moved.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It's Monday night and I'm watching bad tv and looking at all the things I should be doing. I should be organising new items for Anna, who is showing her friends who own a retail shop in Houston and I should be doing more items for a shop in Denton who likes my stuff and wants to see more.

I went sterling silver shopping today - WOW it's expensive. Anyway I think it makes my stuff looks better. At the same time it increases the cost of my Etsy stores and people on that site under price their items soooooooooooo much. Going to stop complaining now and avoid what I should be doing some more.

This is a picture of the first bangle I painted that started it all. I love it

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