Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What I Miss About Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne. The best city in Australia!!!
As my time in America draws to close I'm starting to remember all the good things about the city and country I lived in.
I lived in Richmond, 2 train stops from the city. I loved Richmond for its coffee, restaurants and shopping. My best memories are:
1. Getting the weekend papers and a coffee and reading the papers in bed with the sun shining through the window.
2. The fish and chip shop on Burnley st that made huge chicken and salad (not chicken salad) for 5 bucks.
3. Joel Edgerton (Will in - the secret life of us and Owen Lars in -Star Wars Episode 2) shooting a movie next door to my house. It was quite random to return home to cameras and being told to "go away". I think we ruined a scene but it was a good afternoon.
4. Our local pub - the spreadeagle. Live bands, fire place and cold beer.
5. Collingwood Farmers Market - best bacon and egg sandwich I've ever had.
6. Trams and Trains - no need for a car.
7. Grill'd burgers (see pic at the top). OMG the best burgers ever!!!! Hot chips with herbed mayo, so good!!
8. Did i mention coffee. Could find a good coffee at any hour. Never went to starbucks!!!
9. Meeting friends at the pub in the city.
10. Buying fresh fruit and veg at the vic market.
I realise most of those were about food.
Oh Melbourne how I long to return!!!!!!


mandi said...

aww! i couldnt imagin moving that far away! I hate being just 500 miles from "home." What brings you to the states?

Aussie in the USA said...

We will miss you when you go...but now you've had a taste of life as an expat...I'm sure you will venture elsewhere sometime soon.

Sigh though...I miss Victoria, Australia too. *hugs*

The Cottage Cheese said...

Melbourne sounds perfect! And that super-mod building is amazing.

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