Sunday, May 17, 2009

C is for Coupons D is for Design E is for Etsy

New design... I quite like this one. Give me your thoughts, comments I would love to hear them.

So I've decided that before I leave America I need to at least use at least ONE coupon. If anyone like me as been living under a rock a coupon is a bit of paper that saves you money. So first step done, I have the Saturday (or as it's called the early Sunday paper) I think they call it this so that they can charge you more. This week it came with double the coupons... I don't see the point of this as one pack is sitting unopen in front of me. Not only did I get double the coupons I got 2 of the same paper! Good for the environment I'm sure.

No such thing as grocery coupons in Australia. Flybuys or a target miracle (when the item is cheaper a the checkout than you thought) is the closet we've come.

So I've heard coupons are great. I even read a few online articles about the tricks and secrets.. no I didn't learn anything. Other than theres a site that has online electronic coupons that you load to cards. Not going to get too far ahead of myself.
I will report back on how I go.
Cheers... do they have coupons for alcohol?????

So I plan to use my coupons during the week. Lets see how I go.


Leanne said...

LOL! i love your coupon comments. i don't like coupons myself; i rarely find any for the things i buy and would forget to use them're not missing out on much! :)

and the jewelry--gorgeous!!! i love it. i like the big beads, and the colors and graphics are great.

Aussie in the USA said...

Mmmm...alcohol there's an an Aussie to think of that one. Cheers! ;)

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