Friday, May 22, 2009

Flooding in Australia

Australia has experienced some extreme weather over the past 6 months. Most recently south east Queensland ended it's drought with a flood.

The wild weather continued down the coast to where I grew up.
Almost 200 schools between Tweed Heads and Evan Heads were closed for risk of being isolated by flood waters.
I hate it when it floods.. It sends people crazy!! While going through Uni in Lismore I worked at Coles (a supermarket), I already hated this job and flood warning made it worse - the food people would buy. Everything from 20 cans of baked beans, spam to enough toilet paper to last at least a year. I thought the smart people were the ones next door at the bottle shop stocking up on beer. What to do in times of flood? Get drunk!!
I hope the rain stops and the sun comes out.
For the people working at coles and woolies.. I feel your pain!!


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