Friday, May 8, 2009

Lino Printing.

I came back from New Orleans on Monday night. I had such a good time filled with music, food, art and of course a few drinks.

Usually when I'm surrounded by art I come home inspired. This time however I came home completely uninspired.

My days are filled with drawing and painting so being uninspired leaves a lot of time to watch daytime tv and being bored.

So I've put the paints aside for a while and pulled out my lino and lino tools. I first started printing in year 7 and it became a focus for my mayor year 12 artwork. I love it. When I draw, I know when I've made a mistake. With lino printing the mistakes aren't known until you print it.

I drew the design back in January, it's now May and I've finally made the first cut. As an extra bonus I didn't cut my fingers on this cut. woohoo.

5 minutes in.

Almost finished. Added more detail and then it was time to print.

I recently invested in a printing roller and block paint. Which I forgot about when I printed this opps.

End result:

I started by printing in blue paint. It looked goos, but I like to experiment and couldn't help printing it more and adding more paint. The result looked like blue paint and nothing more. I waited for it to dry and reprinted in gold. When that dried I drew over it and signed.

Thanks for looking.


mandi said...

How lovely! I love how the gold looks over the blue. I have been wanting to do some of this but I need to quit being lazy and purchase all the suplies to do so! Thanks for sharing :)

Leanne said...

yes, i'm glad you shared toooo! i have a special lil' place in my heart for any type of printmaking, lol. your design is lovely too; makes me think of architecture.

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