Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Good to be Home

I'm home and it feels so good. I didn't realise how much I missed the Australian accent!!
We left Dallas at 7:30pm on Sunday night, I got a shock when the lady at the ticketing counter told us that we had been upgraded on the flight from LA to Brissy.
We boarded the plane and bussiness felt like heaven, we were offered a drink as soon as we sat down in glass cups (no plastic for us!!). It was great, had at least 5 hours of solid sleep - scott said it was more like 7 hours.... I'm disagreeing. The food was better, the service was better and the bathroom was bigger!!! I told scott I'm never flying economy again (yeah right).
It was great to see my folks at the airport, yes I cried. Scott who is clearly heartless didn't. We stopped for a meat pie (steak and mushroom) at Humble Pie on the way home. I finally got a Flat White coffee.... oh it was so strong.
So back to reality... I'm meant to be looking at places to live in Brisbane - so far I've checked my email and facebook.
Planning on going for a walk on the beach (which is only 15 minutes away - not a days drive) and eating some good Aussie tucker and reading the newspaper. It's good to be home!!!!


mandi said...

It is always good to be home :)

Bee said...

Welcome back to OZ!

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