Friday, June 12, 2009

My FAVE etsy items

I'm avoiding packing for my move... so what better to do then Blog. Lately I've done a lot of looking on etsy. I can't decide what I want to buy, so I end up marking most shops/items in my faves. I go back and look everyday and I get a little sad when the item sells. I snoozed so I lost.

Anyway here are some items that I currently have listed in my faves - check them out.

Can never have enough bags. This bag is made by jstephens13

This is a set of coasters of Central Park from gertiebyrd. I just came back from a long weekend and I loved loved loved this park. Except I kept sneezing from all the pollen. There was so much to do and see... I like to people watch and I saw some very interesting characters.

I love this necklace. I love the seeds and the colour of the green -- I'm not sure how it would go through Aussie customs (will find time to ask). This necklace is made by House of Hemp.

Well these are just some items I like, should get pack to backing and organising BLAH


Aussie in the USA said...

I wouldn't chance the necklace with Aussie customs. The coasters are cool. :)

GemmaJoy said...

I don't think they would get through either.

cappy sue creations said...

wonderful stuff to see. love the bag

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