Thursday, July 9, 2009

House Hunting

Today we went to look at a few places to live in. Things weren't off to a good start when the first property had an application approved that morning. This place had a funky red kitchen and I really wanted to check it out. Oh well.

The second place we went was nicknamed "house on a hill" and on a hill it was - and it was NOT a house... it was a glorified unit. Where to start... the garage had been condemed - meaning dangerous to humans and not to be used. You would think the owner of the house would remove the building and at least have some off street parking. Anyway we climbed the uneven stairs to the top (without falling over... BONUS). House on a hill had a lovely view, I would've loved having a morning coffee and looking over the Tweed River and the ocean. Things didn't get better. It was 2 bedrooms... more like 1 very small room and shoe box. The kitchen was nice but there was no where for Scott's giant fridge. We ventured outside to the large hill of grass. Scott asked about lawn maintenance... turns out all that grass would be mown by us (when I say us I mean Scott). Scott looked tired just looking at it. Things got even worse when we went to laundry room. We didn't know if past occupants had left their washing in the machine or if we had to share it - turns out we had to share it! No way. As much as I love neighbours... I don't want them walking that close to my house to use the shared laundry and clothes line.... while we have to maintain the grass (front and back all on a great decline)

Property 3 - Is a quick 5 minute walk to the beach. After living in land locked Dallas I have almost forgotten the beach.

We both really like this place.. it was cute, kinda small... but we own ahhhh no furniture, apart from a giant fridge... you can tell where our priorities are!!! It had 2 decent sized rooms and a little room that I can do my art in. It just had a great vibe. So we put an application in. Fingers crossed.

Also we went to Grill'd which is my fave burger shop and had lunch and they serve beer. Heaven...


mandi said...

ohhhh the things i would sacrafice to live near a beach...or within driving distance...haha. good luck!

GemmaJoy said...

I've never lived that close to the beach. I really hope we get it. The ocean was such a beautiful colour yesterday (I took photos, but my cord is lost somewhere in my suitcase)

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

Oh, good luck with that- to live anywhere close to a beach -how wonderful! great pic..

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