Thursday, September 10, 2009

Anything red I love

My brothers wedding is very soon, finding what to wear has been frustrating. I think I've decided on a blue dress and a large white print and black cardi (my mum has other ideas and has just bought me a dress off ebay). The other night I decided I wanted to wear a large red brooch. I looked on etsy and saw a couple of lovely ones - but I never have good luck with the postie and thought that an international buy would be too much of a risk. So I set off yesterday to make my very own. I even finished it in one day. I've used 3 different types of red felt and lots of red coloured beads - I'm yet to try it on with my outfit so fingers crossed it's the look I'm going for.

On a side night has anyone else noticed how many people are engaged or getting married at the moment?????

I'm thinking about doing another brooch for my shop. My little shop is still on vacation :(


mandi said...

your broach turned out fantastic! i love the beads :)

GemmaJoy said...

Thanks so much Mandi. I made another one today... and I even added it to my shop. YES it's off vacation mode

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