Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blogtoberfest - October 25th

The place where I live is a cute little beach shack. I'm sure once upon a time it was bigger, but it was chopped to make way for a bigger house at the back. Our lounge room is the old verandah - long and skinny. We only have one lounge, so I've been looking for floor cushions, here are some that I have found.

Hand Printed $98 from Mookah

Bean Bag Cushion from MoozleHome

Autumn Floral $59 from BranchandBirdie


mandi said...

ooooooo i loooove the first ones! i really do envy the fact that you have a beach shack.

Curlyhead said...

I dream of my very own beach shack... constantly!

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