Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blogtoberfest - October 27th. Blog This Challenge

This weeks challenge is - How would you spend $200 on etsy.
Truth is what I want to buy on Etsy changes from day to day. But today I've been looking at scarfs, wraps and shawls. It's Summer and I'm thinking of things to keep me warm... dreaming of my New Zealand holiday!!!
So todays shopping spree would include the things below.
Don't forget my giveaway closes tomorrow... click on the beach to enter!!!! elde - I love red!


LittleAgnes - so warm and snug

prettypanda - more realistic for Queensland weather


Nisha said...

Lovely selection of knits! Is there a breeze running through QLD at the moment or something?! Normally that kind of outfit would be absurd!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! I adore that first red shawl!! It's gorgeous!! If you come to New Zealand make sure you come to Queenstown.. it's spectacular! (You will definitely need something warm though! It's almost November and today it snowed!)

mandi said...

Oh i love alllll of them!

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