Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blogtoberfest - October 3rd

First Saturday of the month is Brunswick Market. There were lots of things to look at including clothing, fruit and veg, wooden chopping boards (which we bought last time we went). There were some cute vintage items, but they are so over priced and I don't have anywhere to put them.
We munched on a frozen mango stick - it was yummy and very refreshing! I wanted a hammock, but I already have one... in the cupboard waiting to be hung up.... like all my art! Lacking motivation!!!!

Headed over the Bruns pub for a drink. I love this pub. I have more photos to post but my wireless internet connection is being annoying.
We drove back up to Coolangatta and went to my favourite vintage shop. They have some funky furniture (photos to come) and a cow statue, which would look lovely in any room!!!


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