Friday, November 27, 2009

Madeit OR Etsy

I've been asking myself this a lot lately... Madeit or Etsy?
I've started to add more items to my madeit store.... why? Because it's Australian, every crafter sells in Aussie prices! I know the Australian to US dollar exchange is really high at the moment.. but I still see lots of Aussie etsy stores that only work in US dollars and don't give another option for Australian buyers (this is fine now, but when the exchange rate was .61 cents there was no way I was going to pay almost double for something e.g $150 for a bag made out of Ikea frabic... I don't think so (I have nothing against Ikea fabric, but if I'm going to pay that much I want something more original).
There's lots more choice and variety on etsy... but then there's the risk of something getting stuck in customs or magically disappearing.
Made it - it seems more people are listing items and the choice is growing. Madeit has even posted a couple of my items on their blog (you can check out the most recent one here). On Madeit you pay a little extra to have your item shown randomly on the front page for 4 months or until it sells. I have chosen this option on 3 items, it gets expensive especially when the items are low in price.
So I'm going to give my madeit store a go!
I will keep my etsy store up and running, although it's been neglected lately.
Today I'm working on a banksia template for screenprinting, it's looking good.


Kellie Christie said...

I have to say that I have been having exactly that same thought. I don't have a madeit store yet but have been thinking that it would be beneficial to start one. I think that a lot of people love to buy Aussie made and would use madeit especially for that reason. Plus selling jewellery, although what I do is rather unique there is still way more competition for a sale on etsy.

GemmaJoy said...

I have both stores up and I'm going to see how they go. I think Madeit needs more exposure. I was watching 9am during the week and they had a crafter on who said she gets her inspiration from etsy - so there was a big plug for etsy. Where's the plug for madeit. I also like shopping in aussie $ and not having to worry about the exchange rate.

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