Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Sunday

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a list of 10 things I wanted to achieve. One of these was to visit New Zealand... today we booked tickets!!! We are jetting off in April for 10 days of exploring, wine tasting and site seeing.... and maybe sea kayaking if scott can talk me into it.

Something else on my list was learning to crochet - I hear lots of people talking on etsy about how easy it is.... well I disagree! I'm creating some interesting stitches and none of them look useful! A big orange mess!!!

This afternoon we ate icecream on the beach. The weather was perfect and a nearby music festival provided great entertainment. After our icecream we went for a drive and discovered an area I never knew existed - One of the great things about moving to a new area. I've found a place I want to eat at and a great place to pack a picnic or eat fish and chips and look at the beautiful ocean.


Melissa said...

How exciting! I've always wanted to go to NZ. My Dad spent a couple of years living on the South Island and we kept meaning to go over..

He's moved back now. Go Kayaking. it's fabulous.

Jo's Place said...

Yay for booking your trip to NZ, we plan on visiting the Gold Coast once we have finished having our family and the little people are a bit older.

Crochet is easy once you get the hang of it. Have you tried making a granny square, that's what I started with. Check out You Tube for a vid on how to do it.

~ Jan ~ said...

I love NZ! I must admit it feels a little funny coming home and not making travel a priority yet, like we did in the States. Still unpacking boxes here though. lol Glad you booked mate!

GemmaJoy said...

I got used to traveling each month. Now the most I do is drive an hour home on the weekend.

LOOPI... for you said...

You should definitely let Scott talk you in to sea kayaking. Beautiful.

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