Monday, November 9, 2009

Not a happy Etsy buyer

I purchased something from Etsy a week ago and I'm not happy. Three days after the purchase was finalised I receive a message from the seller telling me that his wife has accidentally sold the pendant.

I was a bit ticked off that it took him 3 days to tell me this. I got over it because he said that he had finished two similar ones and had another couple almost finished and that he would take photos. I waited for photos.... and waited.... I got an email telling me that I would have photos on Saturday. Saturday has been and gone and I've seen NOTHING. I'm losing patience!

Should I cancel the order, leave negative feedback?


Kathryn Lantz said...

that's a tough one. If you *really* wanted it, i guess i'd wait, but i'd still leave a neg or be nice a neutral saying all the problems. But there's no excuse for being so slack with contact with you. Aren't customers the number one priority? If my hubby had accidentally sold something that someone just purchased on etsy, i'd let them know i'm making another one for them, and throw in other things for free just to make up for the added time you're waiting for it.
But to say you'll get new pics and that day has come and gone? That ain't right!
If you wanna still be on the nice side (because i know ppl can be asses by giving back bad feedback even if it's not deserved) send an email saying that you'll be cancelling the sale if they don't respond within 12 hours or whatever time, and say that you don't appreciate being told you'd get pics of the new pendant and then never getting them - that's called bad customer service! Then go ahead and cancel it (unless they are super apologetic, send it out right away with either partial refund or free stuff). Atleast then you're warning them i guess? again, depends on how nice you are lol.

sue said...

I would definately write to them advising to do what they promised or otherwise send you a refund. You dont want someone else having to go through the same thing either.

~ Jan ~ said...

Not Happy Jan! ;)

Flamin' Galahs said...

Bloody Hell! You've had the patience of a saint I think! Send him an email letting him know your plans. Give him 12 hours then....

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