Friday, November 20, 2009

Wedding Tomorrow

One of my best mates Bec aka Puff is getting married tomorrow!!!
Bec told me she was having a shotgun wedding when I came back from Texas - I had spent too much time in Texas because I was concerned about what she was going to do with this shotgun.

Bec and I joked that she would a 2 piece tartan number on her wedding day... I hope I see some tartan!

So tomorrow Scott and I are heading out bush. With so many friends getting married at the beach, it will be nice to head in the opposite direction... that's if I don't get lost. Google map as been of no help!


~ Jan ~ said...

Have a great time. Congrats to Bec & Mr. Bec. :)

Flamin' Galahs said...

Sounds like it could be HOT from the weather report we are seeing! Have fun!

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