Friday, November 27, 2009

Works in progress

I've been working on 2 series of drawings 1. Cities I've Visited 2. Australian Wildflowers. I jump back and forth between them... when I really should be working on a drawing for a friends bedroom.
Today is a beautiful sunny, slight breeze off the ocean type of day so I packed my drawing book and walked to Cafe Le Monde in Kirra. I love this cafe! It's nice having somewhere where I can walk to get a coffee/drink/food (living in Melbourne I was spoilt for choice, living in Katherine there was no choice and in Dallas we drove everywhere). My Las Vegas picture is almost finished, I changed some of the picture and added Caesars Palace in. I'm stuck on what to put in the top corner... not going to stress, I know it will come to me... maybe a wedding chapel (that was fast). When I was paying the girl asked if my drawing was just a hobby... it really is just a hobby - need to work on being rich and famous!!
My wildflowers are progressing too - still stuck on the banksia though. I drew a Banksia picture for my friends wedding present, I wish I had taken a photo to share with you all. The banksia has evolved from just a drawing into a screenprint template... it was harder than I thought and I think I need a new blade to cut my stencil out with.

This is a test print - printed on paper with acrylic paint. But you get the idea.

I wonder what I will create this afternoon


Flamin' Galahs said...

I wish i had artistic talent! I am always impressed that someone can sit and have a blank pc of paper and hours later, a whole picture - a memory, inspiration etc! My hat is off to you, have fun with it - even better if you can make a living at what you love!

Kellie Christie said...

Wow your Vegas illustration in great and I really love the banksia print!! I could see you screen printing that onto fabric and maybe using some of your offcuts to make your cute flower brooches.

humel said...

I *so* love your pics :-) Thanks for sharing xx

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