Friday, November 13, 2009

You know your a bogan when.......

Yesterday I went shopping for something to wear to a friends wedding. I soon realised there was nothing I wanted to wear so I started looking for clothes to "wear to school", I justify buying clothes by saying "this would be great for school!!". I was in the Kmart change room when I overheard a conversation that really shocked me.

"A black bra under a white shirt is so much nicer than a white bra"

OK, I wonder whether is mother and daughter have heard of a beige bra!

The conversation continued - the daughter thought it was unfair that a teacher at school had given her detention for wearing a black bra under her white school shirt (it was a Thursday why wasn't this girl at school). Then what replused me the most was the pair came to the conclusion that if the daughter bought the pair of white pants she was trying on she had to buy a black g-string to wear with the white pants because.... it's so much nicer than a white one.

I don't think I need to say anymore


Vic said...

Let me just say, in all honesty, *clears throat*


mandi said...

HAHAHAHA! There are sooo many things I want to say that I dont even know where to start. So I will just say, some people! gah.

Quixotic said...

Kath and Kim have moved North?!?!?!

The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

OMG!! WTF???
What is this world coming too when a mother thinks a girl should wear that...
I have something for you though..You prob wont believe it and if you have a red bra, I just know that you are going to go and try this. RED DOES NOT SHOW THROUGH WHITE....Yep, you heard right.
Go and give it a go.
Happy shopping for an outfit.

Kellie Christie said...

Wow!! Total bogans :-) definitely Kath and Kim style. haha

~ Jan ~ said...

Laugh out loud...noice!

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