Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I wish I had taken my camera....

because Scott and I went vintage/retro window shopping today. There's a row of retro shops in Coolangatta. To our surprise there was a new one! This new shop is in the old butcher shop. The meat showcase was full of jewelery, some old, some new. A little quirky

The owner told us to be careful of the step near the counter, the step up to the womens' section and lastly the step into the old freezer - the men's section. Very quirky

They really had the butcher theme going on. The clothing on hangers were hanging from old meat hooks. Scott suggested that old meat hooks would be great for hanging my bags - no way am I hanging from bags from something that used to hang carcasses.

The shop had an interesting feel. The back section was a bit dark and creepy which wasn't helped by the meat hooks. They did have some funky shoes, vintage wall plates and other bits and pieces.

I bought some wire egg cups and plan to go back with my camera.
Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I want Tuesday

I've been thinking about my New Zealand holiday. Here are some of the things I would like to keep me warm - is it April yet???


This was listed yesterday and sold today. I love the big red flower!!




There's a scarf on Etsy that I'm in LOVE with - but the shop is on vacation... and I think Scott is going to buy it for me. Excellent, it's confirmed it is going to be mine.


fleece gloves - BoysenberryLane

They look warm, but I'm sure my fingers will FREEZE

I'm seeing a red and black theme.

Still searching for the perfect gloves..

Monday, December 28, 2009


I'm having a sale of my handmade goodies. So far I've reduced the price of half the items on my made it store (it's time consuming), tomorrow I will finish the rest and move onto my etsy shop.

I'm also happy to swap some handmade items if anyone is interested.


I need to brand myself. Well not really myself (thoughts of cows and a scene from jackass comes to mind). I need to brand my art.
I need business cards
Paddlepop stick business cards - PhoenixLaser
I think this is an interesting idea.... but I hate the feel of paddlepop sticks and they remind me of the doctor checking my throat when I'm sick and having a gag reflex.
Cute! but do they reflect my style (what style???)
Farmer's Market - drenculture
I didn't post this picture because of the vegetables - but there are 5 designs. My mum suggested different pictures on different cards.
Anyway enough of the internet... I'm dragging scott to watch a girly movie!!!!

Rain don't go away

It's raining. I love the rain. I'm not in a creative mood, the cricket is on, our neighbours are getting cranky and yelling at the kids in German, I've had two coffees, Scott is doing the dishes and about to put my new shelves on the wall in my art room/spare bedroom/junk room.

I want to buy some art for my walls. My little shack is covered in my own art and it's a little uninspiring. I searched etsy for rain drawings - here's some of what I found... hopefully they inspire you.

My red umbrella carambatack
Rain sticks pengwynneart
The rain cloud Tinewiggins
Girl and rain cloud - Cabin
Patterned raindrops -Blackbirdings
Rain droplets - Ryanplz
Sunday, December 27, 2009

You know your missed when....

friends make snowmen of you on Christmas Day
That's me on the left and Jan on right. The artists are Camille and Relle (Aussie mates living in Dallas)

Love it!!!

Miss you Relle, Camille and Jan (snowmen on the right), maybe I will go down to the beach and make sandcastles of you two.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Little hearts...

I won these very cute hearts from The Pickled Weasel

They came with the cutest little card - which I'm guessing the art was by her gorgeous little bubba.

So if you haven't already, go and checkout her blog.

These hearts travelled around the world from the UK to Australia!!!

Our old house in Melbourne

I used to live in this house. What a great house it was!!
It was in a great location in Richmond. Walking distance to the Burnley train station, in between Bridge Road and Swan Street.
It had character!! The slight slant and the hot water tap in the kitchen that never got hot.
When we moved out (to move overseas) we knew the owner was planning on doing the house up and selling it. I was thinking about it today and thought I would google it. The house went up for auction and sold last month. But as far the renovations are concerned it looks like nothing has changed.
The furniture in the photos is not ours so my guess it was rented out after we left.
If I had the money I would've bought this place

Photo 4: 29 Canterbury Street, RICHMOND VIC 3121

My year in craft

My 12 months of craft. I saw this on The Northside Makers blog and thought I would reflect on the past 12 months (I also read Curly Pops 12 months and it motivated me)

1. In my twelve months of crafting, my crafty self made all these... hand painted jewelery, brooches, button rings, art (drawings/paintings/lino prints), screen printed t-shirts

2. If my year was a colour it would be... red!! Lots of black ink drawings

3. This year I spent way too many craft hours... exploring the Internet for ideas.

4. This year I wish I'd had more craft hours for... going to markets.

5. My proudest craft moment of the year was... setting up my etsy shop and having my first sale.

6. My biggest craft disaster was... sealing my painted jewelery. A beautiful piece turned into disaster is seconds when the varnish bubbled.

7. This year I had stalls at/visited this many markets... I didn't have any market stalls but was lucky enough to visit the pike place markets in Seattle, wholesale markets in Dallas.

8. My most enjoyable market was... The Pike Place markets in Seattle. The home of the famous flying fish. There were lots of beautiful flowers.

9. My best handmade purchase/present/swap/acquisition was... Earrings made American coins. The artist asked if my boyfriend was my brother - because we looked similar. Our friends found this very funny!!! And we look nothing alike!

I love my crochet blanket from Amanda's Crochet

and my wristlet from Red Planet

and this beanie to keep scotts head warm when we visited London

10. After this year I swear I'll never again... pack ALL my craft items in a box and ship them. 12 weeks of waiting for them was painful!

11. Next year I'm determined to... craft for fun and buy more handmade.

12. But I'll probably do this instead... waste time on the Internet.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All I want for Christmas....

Is the most expensive handmade item on etsy!!!
I've never thought to search for the most expensive item, there's a few... if you have a spare $100, 000 US dollars this is what you could buy.
A crocheted cardi... with arm holes!!
I love the grey sweat pants... wonder if they are thrown in as a bonus!!!!
It doesn't take long to realise that most of the "expensive" items are just a way that some sellers get you into their shop. Bit sad really. Another example of the darker side of etsy.
I did laugh at a shop that put photos up her moustache wearing sons - it was a joke, she really wasn't selling her children on Etsy.
Below is a sculpture $75000, I would love to have 2 giant red paperclips outside my house - my house would be easy to find!!! This was the first item I found that was legitimate and not a way of shocking people to come into their shop....
Off to find the most expensive vintage item... I can't remember the links to their sites, search handmade and list from high to low price and I'm sure you will find them.
Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What to do today....

I've just gotten home from AAMI and it seems I won't get my car back until next year! Some advice don't have a minor car accident anywhere near xmas/new year. It's ok, my car is going on a little holiday and having some minor surgery.

I went shopping yesterday with my mum and a friend. WOW did we shop! We went to Ikea, spotlight, freedom and a couple of other shops. We all thought it would be crazy with xmas shoppers, but it wasn't!!

Scott came home to find me sitting on the lounge swearing at the Ikea desk legs I bought for my desk. As part of my day zero list I had one task to buy and put together something from ikea by myself. Well I had two desk legs to put together. After half an hour and a lot of swear words when Scott offered to put one together the race was on. I was in front but once he got the hang of it, it was all over, he finished his first. I did manage to put 1 leg together by myself. That's enough for my list.

I'm car-less and there's cleaning, washing and an art room to sort out.... dammit!
Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bloody Queensland Drivers

It was bound to happen! After my very close, near miss car crash on the way to Handmade Heaven, I've been really jumpy/nervous in the car. If someone puts their brake lights on my heart rate goes through the roof.

Queensland drivers are worse than Texans!!!

Here's what just happened
We were merging onto the Gold Coast highway at Tugun behind a man in a black magna. There was not a car in sight! We saw him go, we merged but the idiot came to a complete stop! He tried to make a joke out of him needing a new back bumper (this car looked like it was ready to go to the wreckers). His excuse for stopping was he thought he saw a car coming. My guess is father and son were looking at the cars in the car yard (someone had just bought a car and they were moving cars around).
"Lucky your with AAMI"
So we will be calling our insurance company on Monday and saying "hello excess". Hopefully it can all get sorted before Xmas/New Year/before Angel comes to visit.
Scott is taking his frustrations out by vacuuming - so it's not all bad!
Thursday, December 17, 2009

Quit Your Day Job

A friend I met through Etsy in Dallas just posted this article from the NY times on her facebook and I thought I would share it with you.

Maybe one day I will turn my dream into a fulltime job

Avoiding Cleaning

I'm a master of avoiding cleaning. When we lived in the states as part of our incentive to move we had a cleaner come once a fortnight. I miss her!
I just finished off some brooches and I'm watching Ellen - she just gave $10 000 away to a couple in need to pay off their debt.

It's Thursday

It's going to be a HOT one!!! Well my brooches are doing really well, I posted a new one on my madeit store on Tuesday and within 24hours it had sold!!! I've heard people in Etsy chat rooms talking about an item selling as soon as they posted it, I always thought this was a myth. Below is a picture of the brooch I sold. I didn't know if I wanted to put it up for sale. I love the button and it's the only one I have. There will be more buttons I fall in love with!!

This brooch is staying in Queensland!! I hope the new owner loves it.

I posted some new items up yesterday. They are a great gift idea, including postage (AUS) most brooches are under $20 = Bargain!! (even if I say so myself).


And these are ones that I'm going to post today

Now I'm off to go shopping for fun stuff - Dish washing liquid (how boring). But we are all out, hopefully the shops won't be too crazy!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Now for some creativity

I bought some blank t-shirts today.
I just need some inspiration for new designs and motivation to print them up.
I have the new issue of Frankie... maybe a cup of coffee and a shady spot is exactly what I need (I'm terrific at avoiding things like cleaning).
Here is my list of t-shirt ideas
  1. Coffee - cup, machine etc
  2. Teapot
  3. Coo Coo Clock
  4. Star
  5. Map of Queensland
  6. Buttons
  7. More Eames chairs
  8. Robot

So there are my ideas. Leave a comment telling me what you think I should print OR suggest something new.

I will pick a comment/suggestion and send them a little something to say thanks (A little surprise giveaway just for those people who read my blog and this post!!)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's Raining and Brooch Swap

I can't remember the last time I saw rain!

The rain has inspired me to work on some new brooches (I also find that avoiding cleaning is great inspiration!!!). This coming winter is going to be all about brooches!! Hopefully it gets cold enough to wear a coat. I'm going to NZ over Easter - I must remember to pack some funky brooches to wear!!! Maybe I could even squeeze a winter trip to Melbourne!

Here are the two brooches I've been working on.

If anyone would like to do a brooch swap with me contact me at

Monday, December 14, 2009

New Items

This afternoon I decided to post a couple of brooches onto my madeit store. I was inspired by my 2 sales this week. All it takes is for a person to see my brooches, fall in love with them, decide they must have them, buy them and keep me out of the poor house (it's school holidays which means no work for a casual teacher).

Is that person you???? I hope so!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Audreys at The Shed

Scott and I went and saw The Audreys last night. It was one of those gigs that we unexpectedly came across. I was listening to the radio and they said something about The Audreys, I completely missed what they said but made a mental note to check out their website. Scott and I were sitting at home last Sunday afternoon and I got him to check out their tour dates. There was a gig at The Shed on Saturday night!!! Tickets were only $20.

It wasn't until we got to the Shed (would just like to point out my directions were correct and not Scott's) that we realised The Shed was about celebrating Queensland. And what better way to celebrate then with free stuff - stubbie holders and singlets!! I do like free stuff.
It was an intimate gig and although we didn't turn up early we got seats in the front row!!! The guitarist even had a Texas Longhorns panel on his guitar strap! I wouldn't ever want to be in a field with those cows.
It was a fantastic gig - the band interacted really well with audience. They made us laugh and even asked for requests. They played all my favourite songs... really makes me want to go to Woodford Folk Festival and see them again.
Saturday, December 12, 2009

Madeit Sale

My madeit store had it's very first sale.

I promise this will be the last post where I'm really excited about selling something. The item is still awaiting payment - maybe I'm jumping the gun a little bit - but I'm excited.

I posted my mustard brooch off to Texas on Thursday and I received a package from the states. Both these packages were about the same size - but a huge difference in cost...

package from the States to Australia $2.50

package from Australia to the States $9.30

Big difference in price!

Have a great weekend

Friday, December 11, 2009

Xmas photos with sketchy santa


I saw this on someones blog today and I thought I would share it with you.

Sketchy Santas



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