Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This morning worked on a year 1/2 class. I was teaching them spelling and blends. It was just one of those lessons - the ones where I go red and have to stop myself from laughing.

The list words went something like

  1. duck
  2. fox
  3. leg
  4. hand
  5. ball

I was working through a worksheet with them asking questions as we went along. The first question was

  1. From the list words name two body parts.

A year one boy shoots up his hand eager to answer the question. He quite innocently says "Balls". The aide in the classroom cracked up laughing, which made me laugh and the kids.

The next question was, Name two things you play with. I skipped this question... who knows what they would say....

The lesson continued onto blends "SP" was our sound. The students started saying words that started with SP. Before long a year 2 girl said sperm. Then gave a description of sperm coming from the daddy seahorse and going into the mummy seahorse to incubate.

So who knows what stories these kids will go home with today.


bubbachenille said...

Funny ! But more to the point, where did they get these stories from ? LOL

GemmaJoy said...

I commented on this earlier, it must not have worked. Went something like - it's scary what kids are exposed to.

mandi said...


created by Kylie said...

I think it was wise to skip the second question, but it could have been funny to hear their answers. If you could manage to keep a straight face!

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