Monday, December 7, 2009

Blog TIP

Have blogs that don't interest you anymore? I've found that following a blog is easy, but when I want to stop following (yes it happens) it's time consuming. Well not anymore!! Here's my tip that I discovered a while back (when I went to follow but I was already following the blog) and today it clicked - a much easier way to stop following blogs.

On the navbar (top of the blog). Click on FOLLOW. An option will pop up saying you already follow this blog - you can choose to STOP FOLLOWING THIS BLOG or to CANCEL.

Easy as that


bubbachenille said...

You are a lifesaver !

GemmaJoy said...

Bubba you got me thinking that there had to be an easier way... and there is. After I posted this I lost a follower - their loss

mandi said...

thanks for the advice!!

Melanie said...

fantastic tip! Thanks

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