Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bloody Queensland Drivers

It was bound to happen! After my very close, near miss car crash on the way to Handmade Heaven, I've been really jumpy/nervous in the car. If someone puts their brake lights on my heart rate goes through the roof.

Queensland drivers are worse than Texans!!!

Here's what just happened
We were merging onto the Gold Coast highway at Tugun behind a man in a black magna. There was not a car in sight! We saw him go, we merged but the idiot came to a complete stop! He tried to make a joke out of him needing a new back bumper (this car looked like it was ready to go to the wreckers). His excuse for stopping was he thought he saw a car coming. My guess is father and son were looking at the cars in the car yard (someone had just bought a car and they were moving cars around).
"Lucky your with AAMI"
So we will be calling our insurance company on Monday and saying "hello excess". Hopefully it can all get sorted before Xmas/New Year/before Angel comes to visit.
Scott is taking his frustrations out by vacuuming - so it's not all bad!


Micky - Handmade Expo said...

OMG.. you poor things.. My hubby has had an accident like that, ran up the bum of a 4wd... not a good site - people just don't know how to merge properly... I hope you get it fixed in time.


Sandra Darling ~ Visual Art Creations said...

I can't believe you went there and said that about gorgeous queensland drivers lol! sorry about your little crash .... glad you are safe!

bubbachenille said...

Lets start a "learn to merge " school for all those out there who cause accidents or near misses!

GemmaJoy said...

learn to merge sounds great. I've also noticed lots of people going completely around the round-a-bout in the outside lane. Especially around Robina!!
I'm just glad that it wasn't a bad accident and we are both safe.

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