Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I wish I had taken my camera....

because Scott and I went vintage/retro window shopping today. There's a row of retro shops in Coolangatta. To our surprise there was a new one! This new shop is in the old butcher shop. The meat showcase was full of jewelery, some old, some new. A little quirky

The owner told us to be careful of the step near the counter, the step up to the womens' section and lastly the step into the old freezer - the men's section. Very quirky

They really had the butcher theme going on. The clothing on hangers were hanging from old meat hooks. Scott suggested that old meat hooks would be great for hanging my bags - no way am I hanging from bags from something that used to hang carcasses.

The shop had an interesting feel. The back section was a bit dark and creepy which wasn't helped by the meat hooks. They did have some funky shoes, vintage wall plates and other bits and pieces.

I bought some wire egg cups and plan to go back with my camera.


Vic said...

I wish you had taken your camera too!

We were vintage browsing today too, but just in a mega old warehouse deal'e, not nearly as interesting....

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