Thursday, December 24, 2009

My year in craft

My 12 months of craft. I saw this on The Northside Makers blog and thought I would reflect on the past 12 months (I also read Curly Pops 12 months and it motivated me)

1. In my twelve months of crafting, my crafty self made all these... hand painted jewelery, brooches, button rings, art (drawings/paintings/lino prints), screen printed t-shirts

2. If my year was a colour it would be... red!! Lots of black ink drawings

3. This year I spent way too many craft hours... exploring the Internet for ideas.

4. This year I wish I'd had more craft hours for... going to markets.

5. My proudest craft moment of the year was... setting up my etsy shop and having my first sale.

6. My biggest craft disaster was... sealing my painted jewelery. A beautiful piece turned into disaster is seconds when the varnish bubbled.

7. This year I had stalls at/visited this many markets... I didn't have any market stalls but was lucky enough to visit the pike place markets in Seattle, wholesale markets in Dallas.

8. My most enjoyable market was... The Pike Place markets in Seattle. The home of the famous flying fish. There were lots of beautiful flowers.

9. My best handmade purchase/present/swap/acquisition was... Earrings made American coins. The artist asked if my boyfriend was my brother - because we looked similar. Our friends found this very funny!!! And we look nothing alike!

I love my crochet blanket from Amanda's Crochet

and my wristlet from Red Planet

and this beanie to keep scotts head warm when we visited London

10. After this year I swear I'll never again... pack ALL my craft items in a box and ship them. 12 weeks of waiting for them was painful!

11. Next year I'm determined to... craft for fun and buy more handmade.

12. But I'll probably do this instead... waste time on the Internet.


Northside Makers said...

Sounds like you had a very crafty year! Hope 2010 is just as productive (as long as you stay away from the internet!!!).

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