Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Now for some creativity

I bought some blank t-shirts today.
I just need some inspiration for new designs and motivation to print them up.
I have the new issue of Frankie... maybe a cup of coffee and a shady spot is exactly what I need (I'm terrific at avoiding things like cleaning).
Here is my list of t-shirt ideas
  1. Coffee - cup, machine etc
  2. Teapot
  3. Coo Coo Clock
  4. Star
  5. Map of Queensland
  6. Buttons
  7. More Eames chairs
  8. Robot

So there are my ideas. Leave a comment telling me what you think I should print OR suggest something new.

I will pick a comment/suggestion and send them a little something to say thanks (A little surprise giveaway just for those people who read my blog and this post!!)


bubbachenille said...

I like the button idea !

created by Kylie said...

Checked out your t-shirts at Handmade Heaven this morning, they look great. I vote for a star next, I read you post and then got called away and while I was gone I was trying to think of what would be good on a shirt. I came up with a star, then when I got back and reread your post and noticed a star already on your list!! So great idea – go with a star (or three stars)!

Micky - Handmade Expo said...

What about hearts???


Flamin' Galahs said...

leaf? Branch?? Who was it that said Im not at all creative??lol

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