Thursday, December 3, 2009

We Could Be Heroes

I met up with some Blogger friends on Monday and I had a "We could be heroes moment" (to explain - My friend was home by herself on a Saturday night watching "We could be heroes" a satire about the Australian of year awards starring Chris Lilley, her boyfriend came home from work and found her crying her eyes out... she thought the series was real documentary) anyway so when ever Scott and I find ourselves thinking or doing something silly we call it a "we could be heroes" moment.

So back to my story, the ladies were talking about a recent market where people who read certain blogs we told to come wearing something like a brooch - I can't remember exactly what it was but there was talk of wearing yo-yo's as a brooch.

I thought wearing a yo-yo as a brooch was interesting but worn by the right person it could be great OR worn by a lot of people going to a market was a fantastic idea. Talk turned to how easy yo-yos are to make (you would've thought by this time I would've clicked... but no) and how you can make them into love hearts.

I searched on etsy last night and turns out a yo-yo in the craft world is not like the toy. I put some pics up

I'm going to find a vintage yo-yo (the toy) and make a brooch!!!!



Quixotic said...

Well call me Pat and roll me to Alice Springs!! I never knew that either! You really do learn something new every day... ")

GemmaJoy said...

God love Pat! Love that series

created by Kylie said...

Ok that must have seemed like and almost surreal conversation. Great that you got some inspiration out of it though!

GemmaJoy said...

I was very quiet through the conversation, I should've asked but when I clicked it was too late. I know for next time!!

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