Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

Last night Scott and I went to the gold class cinema. My Oh My it's a different world!! From the big comfy chair, to the wine, the food I loved every minute of it.

We saw "Where the wild things are". It was a terrific movie. As a teacher you could create the most amazing unit of work using the book and the movie. I love using picture books in the classroom, really gets the kids thinking and movies... well they are great for bribing kids!! It's amazing how much work hyperactive kids will do if there's a movie involved.

It's Saturday morning and I'm feeling a little seedy, I'm waiting patiently for Scott to wake up (he had a big night on Thursday with work) so we can go to FRESH and get some breakfast. I forgot to tell you after the movie we went to Max Brenner and had a hot chocolate and fresh strawberries and a pot of chocolate YUM YUM YUM. I still think Max Brenner is better in Melbourne because it's so cold outside (in winter) and when you get your hot chocolate you hug that cup and don't put it down.

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Helen said...

I loved this book growing up and also the Midnight Kitchen. My 19yo went to see it on Thursday and he really enjoyed it which was not what he had expected. I'm looking forward to seeing it too.
Mmmm that chocolate looks delicious in any weather. :)

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