Saturday, January 2, 2010


This year I have:

  1. Gone to Fingal Head to watch waves crash onto the rocks
  2. Went swimming at the beach
  3. Been to the movies... twice!
  4. Had breakfast out with mates from Darwin
  5. Remembered how good Vegemite and avocado is on toast

  6. Made a pale pink and white brooch
  7. Organised my jewelery draw
  8. Enjoyed a hot chip sandwich
  9. Explored Etsy for lots of wonderful items and for some inspiration
  10. Screamed when a cane toad jumped in front of me

Happy New Year


Quixotic said...

OMG! Tow of my favorite hangover foods - vegemite and avocado toast and a hot chip sandwich! Yum!
Sounds like a productive couple of days, I love Fingal Head.

~ Jan ~ said...

Must try the Vegemite & avocado. Happy New Year! :)

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