Monday, January 25, 2010


I spent yesterday cutting felt. I cut till I could cut no more.

I had a plan!! To get get 10 brooches cut out on Sunday, stitch beads on Monday and finally on Tuesday take GREAT photos and get them up on my online stores.
Like all good plans this never happened. I got over cutting felt and when I started stitching on beads today I timed myself. 24 minutes... I had done 1/2 a brooch (longer than I thought). I would be interested in how long it takes me to complete a brooch from start to finish (I don't work with any order so this will never happen). I've finished 2 brooches and I've put them on etsy... and now... well I'm over felt and think it's time for a break.
Have a break have a kit kat. If you also need a craft break, here's a virtual Kit Kat.. ENJOY!!!! See you in an hour.


Chasing Purple Dreams said...

I hope you get your felt mojo back soon – or else what will happen to that great big new stash?????

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