Saturday, January 23, 2010

I went shopping...

and bought new felt in lots of colours from hot pink to purple to green to baby pink to white to black and so much more.

Can't wait to see what I make.
I love new felt!!


Vic said...

That is really cool Gem, that simple excitement; "Can't wait to see what I make."

Love it, I can't wait either...! ;)

Purple Paisley Patch said...

Hey Gemma, do you buy wool felt? If so, where do you buy it from? I need some for a project I'm doing. Thanks, Kelly :-)

Bec Lewis said...

Hi Gemma,
the label stamps were from a jpeg image I took to my local print shop - Gawdy Green Copy Shop in Ipswich. I think most print shops would do them, as they just emailed the images to the stamp makers. If you do have some made i'd recommend using larger text than I did as they can be a bit hit and miss when stamping but it kind of works for an aged look.
Happy crafting.

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