Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm excited

Because my friend Angel arrives tomorrow all the way from Houston, Texas.
When we left America we really hoped that some friends would come and visit us in OZ. A few months back Angel booked her flights! The time has flown, I can't believe we pick her up from Brisbane airport tomorrow!!!!

Now for some photos of Angel
with Captain Morgan at South by South West, Austin, Texas
with G L O R I A (photo taken from her facebook page)

in New York City, Central Park after they had been caught checking out a pile of steel (they work for a steel company, still no excuse)
Seattle - Football game. I don't think that bottle is big enough

OMG I can't find the Pike Place Markets (maybe you had to be there)
1 more sleep!!!!!


~ Jan ~ said...

Have a blast ladies! :)

GemmaJoy said...

We are!!!

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