Friday, January 22, 2010


I completed this brooch yesterday. It took 2 goes. When it was first finished I was very proud, went to try it on and noticed the brooch finding was broken, the bit that moves that keeps the pin in and brooch on was missing!! I can't believe I didn't notice. Every brooch I make I check the finding to make sure it works... but the one time I didn't it was broken it didn't.

I did something out of character. Normally I would put the brooch aside and forget about. Instead I unpicked it, got a new finding and finished it. Woohoo.

I also received some lovely feedback

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I bought the purple, cornflower blue and cream and I absolutely love them. This is one very talented artist. She was a dream to work with, giving me updates on the delivery status and options on mailing, etc. These items arrived beautifully and uniquely gift wrapped. I would definitely buy from GemmaJoy again!
Happy Birthday to Scott!!!
Today is his 29th birthday
29 is the new 18


Purple Paisley Patch said...

Ooooooooh ahhhhhh, I love this one, hopefully it is still available, I'm off to have a look see. I knew you'd make the perfect purple brooch for me, I've been watching!
Kelly :-)
PS: We met at the bloggers get together at Bubba Chenilles.

GemmaJoy said...

Hey Kelly
Thanks for your comment!!
The photos don't give it justice (my camera made it look blue)
It's still there, I can put it on so it's in Aussie $ if your interested.
What a great blogger party it was at Bubba Chenilles

Purple Paisley Patch said...

oh yes please, or if it's easier I can buy on etsy an transfer payment to your account in Aus $ if you tell me the amount. Whichever works best for you. I definitely want it - need it - must have it! LOL :-)

PJS said...

Well done! I have to say, I have enjoyed watching you developing your brooches, they are lovely. I'm glad your shop is going well.

Edwina said...

Aaaah shucks, these are gorgeous! I'm off to Etsy now.

GemmaJoy said...

Thankyou, I'm really happy with how they are coming along and can't wait to see what I will make in the future.

Chasing Purple Dreams said...

I'm so glad you pushed through and finished it, it's stunning.

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