Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shop Local

It was great to wake up and read that today's Etsy Finds is from the Land Down Under - Australia. I loved looking at all the wonderful items selected by Mike. I only recognised 1 etsy seller - which just tells me that I don't search for Aussie sellers as much as I should.

When I list new items I now tag Australia (usually because by the 14th tag I've run out of ideas). I remember when I was searching for a red brooch to wear to a wedding I searched etsy. I didn't have enough time to get it shipped from overseas and I was hoping that an Aussie would have one, no one did which led me to make my own and get a little more obsessed with brooches (this was before I knew about MadeIt).

Aussie Etsy sellers do you accept Aussie dollars for your goods or not? It's just a question don't be afraid to answer. I know I'm more likely to buy something if I don't get hit with the exchange rate (not so much now as the dollar is high, but if it crashed down to say 0.61 cents the price it was when I moved to America)


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