Saturday, January 30, 2010


I've been very lucky to be have chosen in some very beautiful Treasuries lately. I remembered when I first started on Etsy how desperately I wanted to be in one. Well it seems like luck is going my way. This is the latest

I think this may be my first Treasury West. It's a collection of all things light blue.

I've never made a Treasury myself, but I've often wondered if I did what I would call it and I what I would include in my little collection.

Have you gone to Craftopolis? It's a great site for checking if your in a Treasury and when Treasuries will become available so you can make your own.


Kellie Christie said...

That's awesome Gemma!! Lucky you :-) The treasury looks great and so does your beautiful baby blue brooch. How do you get into a treasury? I'd love to get in one.

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