Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My laptop battery is about to go flat - so hopefully I will get this posted before it does. This is what I have finished today. I started it on the weekend and have been misplacing it ever since. But its all finished and for sale for $8 on made it. If you interested or just want to have a look click here
So I've made a commitment to get more healthy. I hate exercising. But I'm aiming for 1/2 an hour every day (to start with). So I've been going the wii fit thing - which is going well. My arm is sore from the boxing. Today I got going and the batteries went flat. So instead of giving up I decided to go for a walk.... well that was going well until the heavens opened up. I continued walking until it got really heavy. I eventually made it home... saturated. But I have done my 1/2 hour. I still hate exercise!!


Lisa T said...

Good on you Gemma. I need to aim for 1/2 hr a day as well. I think you have inspired me!

Flamin' Galahs said...

well done you! I hate exercise also but to not see it as a sign from the heavens above when the batteries were flat on the Wii is damn near godliness in my book! Bravo!

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