Monday, February 1, 2010

My Place and Yours

Well I thought about doing something creative about shoes for this weeks my place and yours....
but my brain hasn't switched to on mode yet (Yes I have had a morning coffee). So instead of funny, cool and creative I'm giving you this.

I've never been a heels type of girl. Why suffer in pain for a little bit more height... flats are the way to go.

The shoes in my photo
Black - my latest purchase. For school of course!!
Button Shoes - these are my favourite pair of shoes. I bought them from sole brothers, Byron Bay just before I went overseas (I do like to mark a new occasion with a brand spanking new pair of shoes)
Green shoes - these were an ebay purchase. The brand is Gammin - if anyone who has ever lived in the NT knows what gammin means... for those of you who don't here's some examples of how it can be used

"this work is gammin miss"
"nah.. just gammin ya"
"Your gammin"

Here's a definition from Urban Dictionary
Australian slang. Aboriginal origins but now used throughout Queensland and the Northern territory. Can be a verb or adjective. Means PRETEND, used in 3 main contexts.

1. Lie, talk shit, deceive
2. Joke, muck around, tease
3. bad, shithouse
1. You reckon you've shagged sophie monk ay? you're gammin
2. Damo ripped you off for that q? what a gammin little C***
3. you lost your phone last night? thats gammin
4. Nah I'm just gammin with you, i can come pick you up

A fellow teacher and I had a good belly laugh when I got my shoes came
in the post.
I'm going to go and put my gammin shoes away
You can play along too. Visit Punky and Me


Micky - Handmade Expo said...

LOL... very creatively funny.


Vic said...

I don't like your shoes at all.

I especially don't think you are super lucky to be able to wear such pretty, airy, things to work.

Just gammin ya. ;)

Thanks for playing my dear!

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