Sunday, February 14, 2010

What a Trip...

Last night I tripped/fell/slipped down the stairs. I'm not sure about which one because it's all a blur.
I may have had a case of karma. Scott had an accident on the stairs during the week and hurt his foot. I updated my facebook status with something like "Scott just fell down the stairs and is now sporting a limp and a kankle".
I didn't hurt my ankle... just every other part of my body. I am amazed at what I achieved. I made contact with the cement and hurt my left hand and both my knees (it's ok my jeans were not damaged). The funny part is I got up from this but had so much forward momentum that I went head first into my neighours fence. My keys went flying through their fence (they are dog sitting a big dog at the moment and I was a little scared), my bag went flying under Scotts car and I landed on the ground between the car and the fence. I burst into tears as I struggled to understand what just happened and where my things were. To make it worse a couple of teenagers walked past and I had flashes of seeing myself on Australia's Funniest Home Videos.
So I should go and check whether I've made a dent in the fence and tell my landlord (who is also my neighbour) it's about bloody time you fix our stairs!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my! Thank goodness you didn't hurt yourself tremendously badly!
And tears of shock too, poor thing!
Hope the landlord gets on to the fixing quick sticks.

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