Sunday, March 7, 2010

Guess where I went....

I went to GoMA in Brissy on Friday to see the Asia Pacific exhibition. Not my style of art but art is there to challenge and inspire us... plus it was free!!!
My favourite piece was this sculpture by Kohei Nawa.
"Fascinated by how we navigate objects in virtual world via the Internet, Nawa enters key words into web search engines and creates sculptures based on the images that are returned, with his objects - such as taxidermied animals - sourced from online auction sites".
"Nawa's skin of glass beads magnifies the object in some areas and distorts it in others, shifting our perception and questioning how we encounter things in our daily environment.
This sculpture got lots of attention. One kid couldn't resist and touched it, he was surprised it was hard.


Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

why I have no idea but what a cool image, any hints?


GemmaJoy said...

It's a real Elk

Kellie Christie said...

I'm yet to check out APT, that elk is pretty cool. Some art is completely crazy but I just love how inventive people are.

T'lia said...

I went there on Valentine's weekend! I loved it! The moose thing was so cool!

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