Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Creative Space

Here are the things in my creative space. I've had a lot of work this week (4 days compared to my normal 1 day a week) so not much going on other than some cleaning of my desk because we have family staying on the weekend.
From the top - I've been trying to expand my range so I played around and made a felt and button necklace with satin ribbon.
Middle - a pink button heart brooch
Bottom - Button and felt headband for those bad hair days (I'm having a shocking bad hair day today so I have a black headband in)

Anyway better get to school. Have a great day and head over to Kristys for more creative spaces.


Kellie Christie said...

Love the headband and the necklace :-) I am just starting to discover headbands as a cure for bad hair days.

tortagialla said...

I'm visiting the kootoyoo creative spaces and love all your button crafts, so cool and creative!

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