Friday, April 30, 2010


I gave 4 of my brooches a revamp today. What do you think?

Made It

I got a terrific surprise this morning when I read Madeit's Blog. My Green Doily brooch is included in their Doily Days feature.
This brooch is for sale on Madeit for only $12 + p&h

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Creative Space

Welcome to my creative space for this week. I've been experimenting with new styles of brooches using fabric and crochet doilies. I also got my hands on some dual findings - so some of my new items are brooches and hair clips. They do 2 jobs for the price of one!! And the hair clips are comfortable because I put one in my hair and completely forgot about it.
I also bought 2 new drawing pads on the weekend. I've been asked to draw a city series. I need to get the pens out and get crackin!!
Brooch/Hair clip combo
Brooch/Hair clip combo

Brooch/Hair clip combo



more creative spaces here
Friday, April 23, 2010


Here is my very first rosette brooch.
I've still got to perfect it but I think it's a fantastic first attempt.


I'm giving twitter another go!
I need people to follow and people to follow me.
So go on --> find the twitter logo on the side of my blog and follow me. Please
Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Items

I found 3 finished brooches today when I was packing orders - so I've popped them on made it
If you've seen something you like but it's just the wrong time I'm more than happy to put an item on reserve for you. Take advantage of the sale!!

My Creative Space

I have to share with you more brilliant work from my students. Yesterday we read "The Hungry Caterpillar" and 3 of my classes worked together to create a story board to be displayed within the school. Most of the kids worked really hard and their worked bought a big smile to my face!

For my creative space I've been working on new brooch styles and experimenting with necklaces as well as doing a bit of drawing.

Here is one of my new Kitchen Mixer drawings.
If you like what I create please have a look at my facebook page
Head over to kootoyoo for more fun
Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thoughts Please

Breaking into the necklace world is my mums idea and I think it's a fantastic idea!!
This is a flower I made and is being modelled by none other than my mum (she may kill me for plastering it all over the Internet, but it's her facebook profile picture).
So all thoughts welcome!!
Would you wear something similar?
What colour?
What size?

Will you Pledge?

My friend Mel is fundraising for a cure!!

She has ovarian cancer and needs your help.

If 200,000 people pledge just $1, Mel can get on a plane to the USA and get treatment and beat ovarian cancer!!!!

This is a legitimate charity which has been sponsored by the Ballina Lions Club

So go to the facebook page for more details. Become a guest and commit to making a pledge that can save Mel's life.

And it would be FANTASTIC if you could spread the word to your friends through blogs, facebook, twitter.

Don't forget to follow her blog!!

I __________________ pledge to go into any NAB (National Australia Bank) WITHIN a week and donate just $1 to BALLINA LIONS CLUB- A CURE FOR MEL- (you must quote this) the bank can also attach your name to the donation!

By clicking "attending" you are agreeing in good faith to do the above.

It's that easy! Just $1 from you could save mel's life!

You may also make cheques out to Melissa Ensbey , PO BOX 201 , Ballina,Australia, NSW. (INTERNATIONAL or INTERNET TRANSFERS- private message Tim Whitehead or Mel Ensbey for further details)

For more information on Mel's Story, Please view facebook page "help fund mel a cure" there are links to newspaper articles, news videos and her own personal story.

Please now circulate this to EVERYONE you know!

Knowing when to STOP!!!

Last night I started work on Kitchen mixers for madeit. The Eames chairs were a success so I'm expanding. BUT.... last night I just didn't know when to stop!!!!! This picture started as a drawing (I didn't plan with a pencil - jumped right in), then I found a red pencil and coloured it in. Still wasn't happy so I got the paint out and painted it. Then when I should have stopped I got the black pen back out and went CRAZY. I haven't taken a photo of the last picture. I think the picture is a bit out of whack anyway. Back to the experimenting table....

Monday, April 19, 2010

New Zealand

What a holiday! Just by looking at my bank account I know I've had a good time.

I've always wanted to go to New Zealand and I can now tick it off my bucket list.
Scott and I hired a van and travelled around the South Island. We went on a wine tour in the Marlborough, ate crayfish at a roadside BBQ (I'm not a seafood eater but I did try a tiny bit), spent a very boring night at Hammer Springs, ate the best caramel slice in Canterbury, stopped to let sheep cross the road on the way to Aukora, was amazed at Milford Sound, ate the best dinner at Pub on the Wharf in Queenstown (so good we went back the next night and again for breakfast), explored the arts centre in Christchurch, shopped at markets, I bought too many handbags, admired hedges and one way bridges. I could go on all day.
It was a fantastic holiday!!!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm Back!!!

I'm home from my holiday in New Zealand. I will be back with photos and stories to tell... but I think it's time for a big glass of water and a nanna nap!!!

Also the sale is still going at gemmajoy I'm too tired to change all my prices back!!
Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tell me it's not true

Does my beloved Paw Paw have petroleum jelly in it?

My mum has been on to me about chemicals and nasties in makeup for almost 2 years now. I've changed my moisturiser and eyeliner pencil and I've just started using goats milk soap again (and I'm in LOVE LOVE LOVE with it).

But I just read about that there's petroleum jelly (big nasty) in Lucas Paw Paw.

Have you started using chemical free makeup, shampoo, soap etc?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Place and Yours

This weeks theme is your most useful or most used gadget.

This is a presso - espresso coffee gadget.

It's manual and requires no electricity (which is why we bought one in the states so we could bring it home with us). It would be interesting to know if it's better for the environment (water is heated in the kettle and milk heated in the mircowave).

I think it's coffee time!!!

Join in at Hello Owl

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Lastest Creation

This bag is what I have worked on today.
I'm loving green, orange and white colour combinations.
I'm also revamping some of my old handbags - giving them new life!

My post about Easter

One thing I missed last year while living in the USA was the Easter public holidays! Silly me thought that Good Friday and Easter Monday were global (well almost) holidays aka days off work! Well not in the States. Work continued like normal for Scott and the long weekend was non existent. So I'm back and so is the long weekend!!!
My Easter - I had a few too many wines on Thursday night and therefore Friday was spent "relaxing" around the house and Hungry Jacks was needed at lunch time. Saturday I went to a baby shower (where I realised having children can wait a few more years). Saturday night I realised that I am getting old when I went to bed and heard people singing drinking games. On Sunday Scott and I went to lunch with my parents - where I promised mum I wasn't going to take a photo of her eating lemon tart (I was recording it instead). Monday has rolled around, daylight savings is over (thank goodness, living on the border of NSW and Qld has made me HATE daylight savings) so what are my plans? Hopefully something other than cleaning!!

Enjoy some bad photos from Sundays lunch....

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Felt Buttons and Satin

I went to a baby shower today. There was talk of babies, weddings and more babies!!

A friend who is getting married has a bridesmaid with bad asthma and allergies so finding a bouquet that won't cause an asthma attack walking down the aisle has got her thinking.

Buttons and felt who would've thought!!! Click on the pictures to send you to the right Etsy store.


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