Monday, April 5, 2010

My post about Easter

One thing I missed last year while living in the USA was the Easter public holidays! Silly me thought that Good Friday and Easter Monday were global (well almost) holidays aka days off work! Well not in the States. Work continued like normal for Scott and the long weekend was non existent. So I'm back and so is the long weekend!!!
My Easter - I had a few too many wines on Thursday night and therefore Friday was spent "relaxing" around the house and Hungry Jacks was needed at lunch time. Saturday I went to a baby shower (where I realised having children can wait a few more years). Saturday night I realised that I am getting old when I went to bed and heard people singing drinking games. On Sunday Scott and I went to lunch with my parents - where I promised mum I wasn't going to take a photo of her eating lemon tart (I was recording it instead). Monday has rolled around, daylight savings is over (thank goodness, living on the border of NSW and Qld has made me HATE daylight savings) so what are my plans? Hopefully something other than cleaning!!

Enjoy some bad photos from Sundays lunch....

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Jo's Place said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend to me :)

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