Monday, April 19, 2010

New Zealand

What a holiday! Just by looking at my bank account I know I've had a good time.

I've always wanted to go to New Zealand and I can now tick it off my bucket list.
Scott and I hired a van and travelled around the South Island. We went on a wine tour in the Marlborough, ate crayfish at a roadside BBQ (I'm not a seafood eater but I did try a tiny bit), spent a very boring night at Hammer Springs, ate the best caramel slice in Canterbury, stopped to let sheep cross the road on the way to Aukora, was amazed at Milford Sound, ate the best dinner at Pub on the Wharf in Queenstown (so good we went back the next night and again for breakfast), explored the arts centre in Christchurch, shopped at markets, I bought too many handbags, admired hedges and one way bridges. I could go on all day.
It was a fantastic holiday!!!!!


Cuggles! Kids said...

Great photos, wish I could have an NZ holiday now!

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