Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thoughts Please

Breaking into the necklace world is my mums idea and I think it's a fantastic idea!!
This is a flower I made and is being modelled by none other than my mum (she may kill me for plastering it all over the Internet, but it's her facebook profile picture).
So all thoughts welcome!!
Would you wear something similar?
What colour?
What size?


Val's Filigree Fancies said...

It is a lovely, romantic necklace - welcome to the world of jewellery obsessions (thats me :) - good luck with it and have fun, most importantly.

I think the color is great, and your mom looks lovely and glowing - I think it would look great in white too :D

Miss.K said...

I think it is gorgeous, I just ordered a couple of your prints from madeit so would def love to get more of your work! that is very vibrant and funky!

Lisa T said...

I think it is lovely Gemma, and your mum looks lovely as well.

Lisa T

Kellie Christie said...

I'm loving it! I think that you could make the necklace a bit thicker though, just personal preference. I am also finding with my jewellery that a lot of people like items in the one colour. The most popular at the moment are probably red, purple and pink.

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