Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Will you Pledge?

My friend Mel is fundraising for a cure!!

She has ovarian cancer and needs your help.

If 200,000 people pledge just $1, Mel can get on a plane to the USA and get treatment and beat ovarian cancer!!!!

This is a legitimate charity which has been sponsored by the Ballina Lions Club

So go to the facebook page for more details. Become a guest and commit to making a pledge that can save Mel's life.

And it would be FANTASTIC if you could spread the word to your friends through blogs, facebook, twitter.

Don't forget to follow her blog!!

I __________________ pledge to go into any NAB (National Australia Bank) WITHIN a week and donate just $1 to BALLINA LIONS CLUB- A CURE FOR MEL- (you must quote this) the bank can also attach your name to the donation!

By clicking "attending" you are agreeing in good faith to do the above.

It's that easy! Just $1 from you could save mel's life!

You may also make cheques out to Melissa Ensbey , PO BOX 201 , Ballina,Australia, NSW. (INTERNATIONAL or INTERNET TRANSFERS- private message Tim Whitehead or Mel Ensbey for further details)

For more information on Mel's Story, Please view facebook page "help fund mel a cure" there are links to newspaper articles, news videos and her own personal story.

Please now circulate this to EVERYONE you know!


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