Sunday, August 8, 2010

Make room for craft

I have craft space envy.
I came across this pictures on facebook. Look at the storage and how clean and organised they are (I'm sure these spaces were tided before the pictures were taken).

Where do you craft? At the moment my craft has overtaken the lounge room (remember I have just moved and the spare room is still full of boxes) (excuses excuses).


Knicky Knacks said...

...and now so do I. Great crafty corners. Hmmm, now where can I put mine?

garcia.sol said...

me too! I have a corner in the lounge but it's nothing like those craft areas. Since I share a house with three other people, I try to leave room on the desk so others can use it. One day I dream of my own craft room!

Stephanie and Carlos said...

Those studio spaces are crazy clean... Which leads me to believe that not much happens creative wise... Other wise there would be mess and we all know how with creativeness comes messiness hehe. Carlos and I share our studio which is detached from the house. It's about the size of a double garage... Once upon a time it was a 3 seater dinning table... OUCH!

Xo Steph

Alison said...

I definitely have craft space envy. Since moving into a smaller abode, I have lost my craft room, so at the moment it moves from the lounge into the dining room and then into my room, basically I leave a trail of mess where ever I go. Oh dear! I just want a little corner of my own. Sob!


but also inspired
thank god tomorrow is Sunday
so we can have a crack at getting the respecitve craft rooms in order
at the moment they're both full of wet weather washing!

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