Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18th

I was busy on Saturday cooking up some new flowers using an old GemmaJoy style. I seem to get carried away with a style and forgot about other styles. So anyway if you read this blog you may remember these flowers. Soft and sculpted in a few new colours.
These flowers are being made into brooches and I have a few smaller ones that are being turned into headbands.

I will be taking a creating break (bread and butter job is getting in the way) so these will be the last of these made for a little while.
These will be added to Madeit over the next couple of days
On another note, it's my birthday today!!! So to celebrate I'm offering Free Shipping on all items on GemmaJoy (October 18th only)
(Money will be refunded after payment... because it takes too long to individually change each listing).
Have a great Monday!!!!


nicole said...

happy birthday!
i hope the bread and butter job doesn't get in the way of you having a nice time today!

Kathy said...

Happy birthday!!!!

USA2AUS said...

You have to get rid of that "bread and butter job" so you can continue to do what you love. Maybe if you find a man who will "keep" you, take you out to McDonalds for your birthday...things like that, you may be able to give it all up and be the struggling artist type! Happy Birthday, dont be gone from your art too long!

Tracey said...

Happy birthday!!

I hope the day job doesn't keep you too busy for too long! :)

trixi said...

love that orange flower with the big button in the first photo!

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