Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4th

Today I'm on a mission to restock my madeit store. I've already added 7 new items (all while watching The Circle).


Kathy said...

I just took a look at your store, and I think I've found the perfect birthay present for my mum! I'll run it by my husband when he gets home to see what he thinks :)

miss~nance said...

Beautiful flowers.

I am a fellow blogtoberfest participant and this is my first visit to your blog. I am hoping to get around to all the blogs this month.I would love you to visit mine



Anonymous said...

Love that spotted one.

Tracey said...

Oh they're lovely!! YAY for productivity!! :)

amity ville boronia said...

OOohh, pretty. I love the purple and green in the bottom right :)

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