Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 5th

I have brand new items in my store.

Birthday Badges!!

I was in Kmart and saw all the plastic mass produced badges that I thought something handmade would be better!!!

So here are the first badges.

What do you think?

New double digit birthday badge.

Custom orders welcome.


felix and lily said...

Very cute! Handmade = best ever. Mass produced = fail.

:) Krystal.

kate @ another donkey design said...

Great idea Gemma. Will you be doing double digit ones? Always love making my grown up friends wear badges too!

Lauren said...

they look fun! and so much nicer than the ones on cards in the shops! custom made and the felt really works!
hey all the best with blogtoberfest!

Stephanie and Carlos said...

This is a great idea Hun!! Can you make a funky Alice In Wonderland inspired one which says 30 for me? I'll add it to my current purchase!! Just let me know final amount... MWAH!

xo Steph

Lauren said...

Lovely idea :) They look great!

Tracey said...

Lovely! Handmade is far preferable to plastic mass-production! :)

Kylie said...

What a great idea - I just pulled off an almost handmade birthday and party for my 5 year old:) Love handmade:)

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Super cute idea!

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