Saturday, December 18, 2010

Handmade Saturday

Today we headed over to Ipswich to The Handmade Expo.
There were lots of things to look at and lots of creative people to meet.
We certainly ate our way through the expo. I think the homemade Ginger Beer was my favourite. Oh but then there were the potatoes swirly things on a stick and a sausage sizzle and coffee.
After the expo we headed into town and visited handmade heaven and a few other shops where I bought a few more items (every time Scott had his back turned I had my purse out). We finished off the day with a yummy banana smoothie from Cactus Espresso Bar.
If you haven't been over to Ipswich lately I recommend that you do. There are funky cafes, gift stores and of course things that just make you laugh (like a group of people pushing a stereo around in a stroller).
If you're interested, this is what I bought
1. Cupcake card by Giuseppe Poli (find him on facebook)
2.Natural Goats Milk Soap
3. Ceramic Love Heart Brooch by Mango Wednesday Creations.
4. Little Bird Brooch (find her on facebook)
5. Tomato Chutney by Jules Yummies
6. Date and Walnut loaf by Di Gent home baked goods.
7. Fat Quarter from Bubba Chenille (find her on facebook)
All these items were bought from the Handmade Expo and shops from Ipswich.


lil' red said...

Thanks for stopping by! So nice to put a face to the name :) smiles... katie (c/o Giuseppe Poli)

SisterlyLove said...

You got some great swag! :)


ivorytickler said...

can second that motion (pun intended) on the chilli jam. available from California Farms
2075 Warrego Highway Haigslea QLD if your passing by. now all we need is a decent local clam chowder! cheers.

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