Saturday, January 1, 2011


Last night we got back from 5 days in Melbourne.
We farwelled rainy Brisbane and arrived in sunny Melbourne.
While we were there we ate too much food.
Drank too much alcohol
Did a lot of walking
Caught up with friends
and shopped!!
I was having a shocker on the day we arrived. I left my camera in the shuttle from the airport to the motel. Luckily the driver saw it and bought it to me. I also left my mobile in the hotel bar... this was also returned to me.
Sadly we left the good coffee and the 40 degree temperature (not so sadly) and returned home.
Now where to for the next holiday........


garcia.sol said...

other than the losing of mobile devices, sounds like a wonderful break! Melbourne is definitely on my must go to list, I've always been told its the lace to go in Aus

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